Darren O'Rourke

Jobs & Emigration

Darren, Mary Lou and Gerry

Fianna Fáil created the jobs crisis, Fine Gael is not solving it. There are more than 10,000 people unemployed in Meath with over 2,200 unemployed in Kells alone. Emigration is at Famine era levels.

It’s time for new ideas and a strong voice that will stand up for Meath East.

Having seen so many young people, including his own brother, forced to emigrate, Darren O’ Rourke is passionate about creating jobs in Meath East.

With its proximity to Dublin Airport and other transport links, Meath is an ideal place for businesses to locate, yet the county continues to be overlooked for jobs and investment.

If elected to the Dáil Darren O’Rourke will work for:

  • A €13billion statewide jobs stimulus to create 156,000 jobs and retain up to15,000 existing jobs.

  • Open up state procurement to small companies.

  • Introduce PRSI for the self-employed and abolish upward-only rent reviews.

  • Set job creation targets for regional areas, including Meath.

  • Develop the tourism potential of Meath East including developing the Boyne Valley as a major tourism,walking and cycling green route.

  • Build on Meath’s natural strengths in agriculture and support development of agri-foods business.

  • Ensure the every young person in Meath has access to a job, training or education and is not forced to emigrate.

  • Capitalise on the Irish British Interconnector at Batterstown by promoting Meath East as a site for investment in energy intensive industries that require security of supply.